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Welcome to the first app that lets you browse any public facebook profile with NO CHANCE of hitting a "like" button, "Share" button, "comment" button, or "add Friend" button because We've removed them all!
It's 2016. When someone suggests a shidduch for your son, daughter, relative, or friend, you want to be as thorough as possible in your research. Reading their shidduch profile, and making reference calls will only tell you so much. As such, many involved in the shidduch process take to facebook to look up the potential shidduch.
Because shidduch research needs to be as discreet as possible, the LAST thing anyone wants to do when browsing a potential shidduch for their son/daughter is hit the like button on a photo or status update posted by the potential match. Having this app as a search tool eliminates all chances of of hitting any of the above buttons, because we've removed all the buttons from this version of fb.
PLEASE NOTE: If a potential shidduch has marked his/her profile as private, it will not be visible to you unless you're friends with them on facebook.